BTC: $43,972
OBTC: $26,211
VG: 5.43

OBTC has hit a new ATH at $26,211. This doesn’t necessarily indicate anything about where we’re in the market, though. Indeed, the 2017/18 OBTC high was set in May 2018 — a full 5 months after the BTC high and the bear market commencing. Nevertheless, it’s a good sign to see new investors and more hodlers.

We’re still in the decisive VG ~5 territory. It’s still too early to say if we can hold it — we’ll need at least a week more above VG ~5 to confirm it. If VG ~5 is held, it makes a long-term bear market highly improbable. A full blown bull trend only happens at VG ~7 or so — which is currently at $55,000.