21st October 2020 — $8,382 / 4.61

OBTC: $8,382
BTC: $12,848
VG: 4.61

Second-highest daily close for BTC in 1,010 days. Damn near the highest — only $15 shy of the 2019 bubble peak on 26th June 2019. VG has also shot up to the highest level since August 2019. Speculative inference: Still in “early bull” phase here, accumulation is ongoing, but getting closer to “main bull” territory. PS: By “closer” I don’t mean in terms of time, but rather, VG. It could go sideways for several months here. Or, it could break out above +5 and hold it over the next few weeks. Who knows? I certainly don’t. All I will do is analyse the present.